The second season of HawthoRNe premiered on TNT on June 22,2010. The second contain 10 episodes and concluded airing August 24,2010

Season Synopsis Edit

In Season two, we discover that Richmond Trinity is closing its doors due to financial ruin. Christina turns down a position to run a private dialysis clinic to become Director of Nursing at James River Hospital, the last hospital in that area and one that is facing closure due to its low quality of care. While originally taking this position under the assumption that she would replace the existing director, we learn that she must split the responsibilities with a head strong, difficult and emotionally burned out nurse who has no intention of working with her and resents her newly appointed position. At the end of season two Christina discovers she is pregnant with Tom's child.

Cast Edit

Main cast Edit

  • Jada Pinkett Smith as Christina Hawthorne, Co. Director of Nursing 10/10
  • Michael Vartan as Dr. Tom Wakefield, M.D., Chief of Surgery 10/10
  • David Julian Hirsh as Nurse Ray Stein 10/10
  • Suleka Mathew as Nurse Bobbie Jackson 10/10
  • Christina Moore as Nurse Candy Sullivan 9/10
  • Hannah Hodson as Camille Hawthorne 10/10
  • Vanessa Lengies as Charge Nurse Kelly Espion 9/10

Recurring Cast Edit

  • Anne Ramsay as Dr. Brenda Marshall 6/10
  • Vanessa Bell Calloway as Gail Strummer, Co. Director of Nursing 9/10
  • Adam Rayner as Steve Shaw 10/10
  • James Morrison as John Morrissey, CEO of James River 6/10
  • Abigail Spencer as Dr. Erin Jameson 8/10
  • Collins Pennie as Marcus Leeds, ER Clerk 9/10
  • Kenneth Choi as Paul Hyun, Chief of Surgery 3/10
  • Aisha Hinds as Isabel Walsh 2/10
  • Robin Weigert as Sara Adams 4/10
  • Sara Gilbert as Malia Price 5/10

Production Edit

Masius will continue on as executive producer in the second season.[3] In September 2009, Glen Mazzara was named showrunner for the program's second season.[3] Masius decided to name Mazzara as showrunner for the second season, citing a desire to focus more on writing.[3] Pinkett Smith hopes to cast her nine-year-old daughter Willow as a character in the show's second season.[4]

Episodes Edit

No Excuses

The Starting Line

Road Narrows


The Match

Final Curtain

Hidden Truths

A Mother Knows

Picture Perfect

No Exit