The first season of HawthoRNe, premiered on TNT on June 16, 2009. The season contains 10 epsiodes contains 10 episodes and concluded airing on August 18,2009

Season Synopsis Edit

Season one shows Christina dealing with financial issues at Richmond Trinity Hospital { where she is cheif nuring officer.}Dealing with her with rebellious daughter and coming to terms with her recently deceased husband. We are introducted to her closest friends and to Dr. Tom Wakefield , a doctor who once took care of her ailing husband and harbors feeling for her.

Cast Edit

Jada Pinkett Smith as Christina Hawthorne

Michael Vartan as Dr. Tom Wakefield

David Julian Hirsh as Ray Stein

Suleka Mathew as Bobbie Jackson

Christina Moore as Candy Sullivan

Hannah Hodson as Camille Hawthorne

Vanessa Lengies as Kelly Espion

Recurring Cast Edit

Aisha Hinds as Isabel Walsh

Jullian Arnenate as Cheyl Brooks

Joanna Cassidy as Amnada Hawthorne

James Morrison as John Morrissey

D.B Woodside as David Gendler

Rebecca Field as Susan Winters

Anne Ramsay as Dr. Brenda Marshall

Production Edit

John Masius created the program and served as an exective producer for the first season. Glen Mazzara also served as a producer for the first season. The program was called Time Heals. Megan Branman and Dylann Branman/ Brander were involved in casting for HawthoRNe. In September 2008 Jamie Tarises was reported to be an exective producer on the program. In September 2008, The press of Atlantic City reported that Jada Pinkett Smith signed as both a star of the show and an excutive producer. Pinkett had previously promised never to work on a tv again but changed her mind after reading the script of the piolt. She recalled getting the script from her manger. He said I would I would not have sent it to you if he didn't think it was fantastic. I read it and then let my hasband read it. He said to take the meeting and see. She decided to return to return to televison because of the show's unique qualities.In the pilot Jeffrey Nording portrayed Dr. Tom Wafefield dirctor of medicane. In Febuary 2009, Michael Vartan was cast to co-star alongside Pinkett Smith as Dr. Tom Wakefield in the series. By June 6,2009, the program's title had been changed to Hawthorne