Plot Edit

As the Internal Affairs investigation into the death of Christina's (Jada Pinkett Smith) attacker strains her relationship with Tom (Michael Vartan), Kelly (Vanessa Lengies) can't get anyone to listen when she suspects that a dangerous infection is spreading through the hospital. Meanwhile, Camille (Hannah Hodson) plunges headlong into Miles's (Derek Luke) messy personal life.

Cast Edit

Jada Pinkett Smith ... Christina Hawthorne
Suleka Mathew ... Bobbie Jackson
Adam Rayner ... Steve Shaw
Hannah Hodson ... Camille Hawthorne
Vanessa Lengies ... Kelly Epson
Marc Anthony ... Nick Renata
Michael Vartan ... Dr. Tom Wakefield
Series Name
Season 3, Episode 4
Air date July 5, 2011
Written by Darin Goldberg, Shelley Meals
Directed by Stephen Gyllenhaal
Episode Guide
Parental Guidance Required
Let Freedom Sing

Guest Starring

Derek Luke ... Dr. Miles Bourdet
Vanessa Bell Calloway ... Gail Strummer
Anne Ramsay ... Dr. Brenda Marshall
Bill Engvall ... Det. James 'Jimmy' Dupree
James Morrison ... John Morrissey
Wess W. Albrecht ... Gayngel
Jimmy Briscoe ... Garcia
Caleel Harris ... Michael Bourdet
Caleeb Pinkett ... Det. Antoine Ajayi
Jade Williams ... Michelle Bourdet

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