Plot Edit

On the heels of her and Tom's (Michael Vartan) wedding, an attack in the hospital parking lot endangers both Christina (Jada Pinkett Smith) and her unborn child. And as Morrissey (James Morrison) looks to appoint a new head nurse, Steve (Adam Rayner) makes an important decision about his future. Her's and Tom's baby died anyways. In the end Nick comes in with Christina's attacker's ring.

Series Name
Season 3, Episode 1
Air date June 14,2011
Written by John Tinker
Directed by Peter Werner
Episode Guide
No Exit
Fight Or Flight

Cast Edit

Jada Pinkett Smith ... Christina Hawthorne
Suleka Mathew ... Bobbie Jackson
Adam Rayner ... Steve Shaw
Hannah Hodson ... Camille Hawthorne
Vanessa Lengies ... Kelly Epson
Marc Anthony ... Nick Renata
Michael Vartan ... Dr. Tom Wakefield

Guest Starring

Christina Moore ... Candy Sullivan
Derek Luke ... Dr. Miles Bourdet
Vanessa Bell Calloway ... Gail Strummer
Anne Ramsay ... Dr. Brenda Marshall
Lauren Vélez ... Dr. Kat (as Lauren Vèlez)
James Morrison ... John Morrissey
Thomas F. Duffy ... Neighbor
Jaime Gomez ... Gerry Brandon

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