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Series finale. Christina now runs James River Hospital temporarily so she talks to Morrissey and he says he's not coming back. While Tom hopes the operation for a close friend will save his life or he will just let him die. Kelly has a change in her career at the hospital. After accepting his proposal Bobbie and Steve must decide when to go to London. Camille must decide if the time is right to go to college or stay at the hospital. Tom asks Christina if they can put the past behind them and be friends. Nick comes and talks to Christina asking her if she's scared of him. He puts the gun to his heart and says this is where Christina and him live. After Nick leaves, Christina locks the door and upon hearing a gunshot and she sees a car speeding past that looks like Tom's car. Nick is injured but still breathing and Christina lays with him trying to call for help.

Series Name
Season 3, Episode 10
Air date August 16,2011
Written by Darin Goldberg & Shelley Meals
Directed by Michael Schultz
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Signed Sealed Delived
Hawthorne was cancelled by TNT No fourth season.

Cast Edit

Jada Pinkett Smith ... Christina Hawthorne
Suleka Mathew ... Bobbie Jackson
Adam Rayner ... Steve Shaw
Hannah Hodson ... Camille Hawthorne
Vanessa Lengies ... Kelly Epson
Marc Anthony ... Nick Renata
Michael Vartan ... Dr. Tom Wakefield

Guest Starring

Kimberly Elise
Anne Ramsay ... Dr. Brenda Marshall
Cress Williams Tony
Chi McBride ... Garland Bryce
James Morrison ... John Morrissey
Sterling Alexander ... Hottie
Morlan Higgins ... Shady Guy
Alexis Matthews ... Elana Gee

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